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"Put the Word in you when you don't need it so it'll be there when you do need it." 
Pastor Tommy Burchfield


What is Texas Bible Institute?

Texas Bible Institute is a time-proven, higher-education institution offering programs which center on a life of faith in Jesus Christ. Whether on-campus or online, all programs are packed with foundational Bible doctrine to foster confidence for the next step, whether that be continued education, marriage, starting a business, or diving into ministry. Students can expect to hear truth from the Word of God, be challenged to weigh their mindsets with heaven’s priorities, and learn to hear God’s voice for themselves.

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Our History

Who could have ever predicted that young adults from 39 states and 42 nations of the world would travel to a small Texas town to be trained in the adventures of God?  Although each of their stories are different, they share the same questions. What is my purpose?  Where can I find real friends?  Can God use my pain to help others? For thirty years, TBI students have found answers to these questions.  

People thought Tommy and Rachel Burchfield were crazy to leave their successful youth ministry behind in Houston and move to Columbus, Texas, but they were confident in God and consumed with a vision to reach young people for Jesus Christ.   

In 1989, they moved their Burchfield Ministries International headquarters to Country Camp and hosted large summer camps which served local churches and reached thousands of children and young people for the Lord Jesus Christ.  In 1990, Bro. Tommy was preaching at a crusade in Lagos, Nigeria, the Lord said, “It’s time to start the Bible School.”  He called Rachel at 2:34am and said, “Sug, I’ve heard from the Lord.  It’s time to begin the Bible School, and you’re supposed to be the President.”  Click.  The overseas connection was lost, and Rachel grabbed her pregnant belly, humored by the inconvenient timing of God.  

The TBI program has been revised through the years, but the objective of making disciples strong for life has never changed. The Foundations-For-Life curriculum was created with subjects specifically designed for young adults;  Hearing God’s Voice, Making Good Choices, Discovering God’s Will, etc.  Parents recommend TBI as a gap year between high school and college;  a safe place to mature.  

Hands-on training is a distinguishing factor of TBI as they host weekend retreats in a wide variety of areas;  pulpit, music and drama ministry, meal preparation, go-carts and guest services. The subliminal message has always been,  “Everything done for the Lord is ministry.”   

Young adults find themselves at TBI.  Making friends comes easy because they finally belong. They discover their purpose for life is to follow Jesus Christ. Thousands have walked across TBI’s Commencement stage in their “washed-in-the-blood-of-Jesus” red gowns and now represent the Lord Jesus in every strata of society and many nations of the world. 


Our Team

Texas Bible Institute has a unique approach to leadership as our staff and students lead together. We believe that every person should search out truth for themselves through the Word of God. Our team is here to support the practical and spiritual guidance on your life journey.

Want to chat?

This next step in your life is a big decision to make. We believe that TBI can be a blessing for everyone. Talking with an advisor today can help you as you navigate this decision. Whether you have a specific question, or just want to say, "Hi!", we'd love to talk with you. 

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