Have you ever pictured yourself doing something different than everyone else? Something unique or even extraordinary?

At Texas Bible Institute, young adults discover God and His plan for their lives. They get a glimpse of what’s possible when someone simply trusts His Word and ways. That leads to an important question though: What will you do with that moment? Will you blink it away, or will you capture it forever - and for others.


Texas Bible Institute is here to help young adults capture the moments they are given to live for Jesus. We know it takes a lot — such as focus, clarity, resolution, and more. After 28 years, we’re just convinced that investing 4 months is well worth that big-picture future Jesus has for you! It’s really not as difficult to get going either. In fact, here is your very first step…t step…

Come experience TBI first-hand for just one weekend at “Check-It-Out.” You’ll get a great picture of what it’s like to actually live on campus, enjoy the classes, and serve with others. Plus, it all runs right into our Youth Fall Retreat (December 6-8), which will be packed with other teenagers who are ready to go after Jesus just like you.

Have questions about Check It Out Weekend? Contact our Reservations Team at 1-800-714-2267