Frequently Asked Questions

A Bible school exclusively for young people, which offers two comprehensive four-month programs:
1) The Discipleship Program – Fall Semester
2) The Leadership School – Spring Semester
The Discipleship Program is for young adults who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, need a safe place to mature and want to discover God’s plan for their lives. We advocate strong Christian convictions before they enter college or the workforce.

The Leadership School focuses on Christian leadership through Core classes and four hands-on specialized Leadership Tracks.

The Discipleship Program is for ages 17 – 25.
The Leadership School is for ages 17 – 30.
Yes. Students may enroll in one or both programs according to their need.
The Holy Spirit’s directive. Also, to reach more young people, an increased international outreach, more financially obtainable.
Our tuition is half the expense, hands-on experience and involvement in a local church. The faculty and leadership team is very involved with the Student Body, which creates a TBI family atmosphere.
Spring Semester: Sunday and Wednesday celebrations at Believers World Outreach Church, Mondays are free, Tuesday-Thursday host core Leadership Classes in the morning, followed by afternoon Leadership Tracks, evening rehearsals optional activities, Thursday evening’s Prayer Culture, Friday/Saturday retreats.
No. The TBI Board of Regents elected not to pursue academic accreditation to preserve the right to teach Biblical truth. Although some may question “wasting” time at a non-accredited institution, our research has overwhelmingly proven that a greater waste of time and finances is found in an unfocused youth who changes his or her college major or career plan multiple times.
The total cost is $1,195 includes tuitions, books, housing and food. That’s only four payments of $298.75.
Most students live in TBI Campus dormitories on the Country Camp property, which is on the 1,088-acre headquarters for Burchfield Ministries. Married students who need to locate housing will receive a substantial discount for their tuition.
Most alumni, who were nervous about dorm life, agree that their greatest TBI memories involved their bunk beds and 4-5 roommates.
The Discipleship Program’s Fall Semester: Prayer Culture, The Road To Emmaus, Youth Fall Retreats, Audience-Of-One (Fine Arts Dept.) Cap and Gown Commencement.

The Leadership School’s Spring Semester: Leadership emphasis, Hands-On Training, Young Believer’s Broadcast, Prayer Culture on-the-road, Leadership Tracks and a Semi-Formal Graduation Banquet.