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For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.  

 I Cor. 3:11

It has been my distinct honor to serve Texas Bible Institute as President since its 1990 inception.  Having walked with Jesus Christ for fifty years, I can say, firsthand, that building our lives upon the truths of God’s Word is the only foundation that will stand the tests of time.  Foundations such as the inspiration of the Scriptures, salvation by grace alone, and the authority of the believer become anchors for all of us in a world gone awry. 

I find no fault in young people who arrive at TBI disillusioned in life. Theirs is a me-first generation who have questioned their Christian roots and rejected absolute truth. As these faulty foundations are exposed and replaced with the Father’s love, hope is always restored.   

Texas Bible Institute is a safe place to mature.  My wonderful husband, Pastor Tommy,  and our devoted faculty have joined my personal commitment to love our students as sons and daughters.  It is thrilling to watch them defy the statistics, discover their God-given potential and begin to soar.

Standing “Strong For Life,” TBI Alumni from thirty-eight states and forty-one nations are now scattered all over the world, pointing others to the Father’s great love and the true success of having a strong foundation in Christ.  

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