Xiaoying Lin, Texas Bible Institute’s first student from mainland China, chose “Jaclyn” as her English name so it could have JC in it. When she was fifteen years old, she attended a house church which was not registered with the Chinese government. On one particular Sunday, one hundred policemen stormed into their Christian service, demanding they stop and confiscating everything inside; chairs, tables, keyboards, and even the pulpit.  

Jackie Lin

These government representatives threatened them not to preach about the salvation of Jesus Christ, but the young pastor stood strong and even preached the gospel to the media who later swarmed him. When asked if she was terrified, Jackyln’s childlike reply was, “I was not afraid. God is now my Father, and I knew that He would take care of me.”

Through TBI’s International Sponsorship program, God opened a door in 2017 for Jackie to travel 8,600 miles to study God’s Word at Texas Bible Institute. She had never been on an airplane and did not speak English, yet she remained secure that God was her Father. Jackie learned the promises of God’s Word, and became a strong member of BMI’s praise team. After Commencement, she returned to China with a plan to lead God’s beautiful people through praise and worship.  

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