What is the Leadership School?

Do you want to influence others for Jesus Christ? Do you want your life to make a difference in this world? Do you sense a higher calling or possess any natural talent which needs to be defined and developed? If so, TBI’s Leadership School is for you.

The Leadership School is a four-month program, offered each Spring Semester by Texas Bible Institute, which prepares young adults ages 17-30 for a ministry or career of dynamic Christian leadership. Hosted by a stellar leadership team which represents 200 cumulative years, the senior members contain wisdom gained only by experience, while the Millennial teamers ooze with 21st-century innovative ideas.

All students enrolled in The Leadership School attend core leadership classes and also select a Leadership Track for specialized hands-on training. The focus of their service is Believers World Outreach Church and nine-weekend retreats at Country Camp, which is a “Friend to the Local Church.”

Most students live in dormitories on the TBI Campus/Country Camp property, which is the 1,088-acre ministry headquarters of many of the Burchfield Ministries outreaches. Commuting and living off campus is allowed.

Those who complete all requirements of The Leadership School will receive a “Certificate of Christian Leadership.” A small percentage will additionally be awarded the coveted “TBI Leadership Gold Award.”

Parents applaud TBI because it is a time proven institution where their young person can continue to mature in a safe place. TBI Alumni say that getting focused in life and strong in God while at Texas Bible Institute has protected them from a plethora of foolish choices and propelled them into leadership roles beyond their natural ability.

What about you? Is your destiny worth four months? Absolutely!

Apply today for TBI’s Leadership School.

Spring Semester

Every January through April

The Academic Program is divided into two terms which last approximately six weeks each. Bible reading, assignments and Final Exams are part of each course and Progress Reports are issued at the end of each term. Some of the topics of previous Core Leadership classes include:

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Leadership Lessons From The Life Of David
  • Covenant Relationships
  • The Leader’s Message: The Gospel
  • Faith Principles
  • Finding God’s Plan For Your Life
  • Effective Altar Ministry
  • Personal Evangelism
  • The Believer’s Authority

Leadership Tracks:

  • School of Student Ministries
  • School of Music Ministries
  • School of Media Ministries
  • School of Business Management

“…you shall raise up the foundations of many generations…” Isaiah 58:12

Retreats hosted by our Spring Semester TBI Students include:

  • The Bridge Conference
  • 4 National Womens’ Retreats
  • Check-It-Out Weekend
  • Spring Men’s Advance


Texas Bible Institute offers the most cost-effective payment plans in the nation for a school of this type. This is partially due to the generosity of our faithful pastors, partners and friends who invest in young people each month through their 120 Covenant Partnergift.

Regular Tuition Package for each of the TBI Programs: $1,195
Includes housing, food, tuition and books

Four payments of only $298.75 per month

Prospective students are advised to have a detailed plan for their financial responsibilities, however, our TBI Alumni and their families are quick to give personal testimonies of supernatural provision from unknown sources due to faith in God.

Graduation Banquet Fees:  $25
(Awards/Meal/Operational Expenses)