About TBI

"Put the Word in you when you don't need it,
so it'll be there when you do need it." 

Pastor Tommy Burchfield

Since 1991, over 5,000 young adults from 39 states and 42 nations have come to Texas Bible Institute in the small town of Columbus, Texas. They came to experience God’s love and learn God’s Word from Pastors Tommy and Rachel Burchfield and our stellar faculty. We are more excited than ever to offer our time proven bible school to followers of Jesus of all ages and stages of life around the world.

Pastor Tommy Burchfield


Our Legacy







Our Story

People thought Tommy and Rachel Burchfield were crazy to leave their successful youth ministry behind in Houston and move to Columbus, Texas, but they were confident in God and consumed with a vision to reach young people for Jesus Christ and became a "Friend To The Local Church."

In 1989, they moved their Burchfield Ministries International headquarters to Country Camp and hosted large summer camps which served local churches and reached half a million children and young people for the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1990, Bro. Tommy was preaching at a crusade in Lagos, Nigeria, the Lord said, “It’s time to start the Bible School.” He called Rachel at 2:34am and said, “Sug, I’ve heard from the Lord. It’s time to begin the Bible School, and you’re supposed to be the President.” Click. The overseas connection was lost, and Rachel grabbed her pregnant belly, humored by the inconvenient timing of God. 


The TBI program has been revised through the years, but the objective of making disciples Strong For Life has never changed. 

The Foundations-For-Life curriculum was created with subjects specifically designed for Bible believers; Hearing God’s Voice, Making Good Choices, Discovering God’s Will, etc. 

This time-proven, self-paced program will benefit all who want to experience the Father’s love, gain a general understanding of the Bible, and be trained for Christian service. Due to a three-level teaching format, all ages and stages of Christian maturity will be challenged, whether new to the Bible or a rock-solid believer, our goal is to help you become Strong For Life.

Rachel Burchfield

Foundatons For Life Series, Creator 

Bible School President

Meet The Author

Since 1991, Rachel Burchfield has served as President of Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, Texas, with alumni representing 39 states and 42 nations. She has also known the joys of helping her husband, Pastor Tommy, build a large camp, a Bible school and a loving local church. Stories from her fifty-plus years in Christian leadership will inspire you to trust Jesus Christ with your life and prepare for His adventures ahead.  She remains utterly devoted to her husband of 40+ years, three adult children, their wonderful spouses, and five grandchildren, all of whom are followers of Jesus Christ.