Foundations-For-Life Series

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Open your Bible school program, and you’ll find the popular Foundations-For-Life Series, a collection of ten courses that include easy-to-read workbooks and videos focusing on biblical foundations for followers of Jesus Christ. Each program comes with an access card to the online portion of the school which provides all the videos, quizzes and the request for your Diploma in Christian Life Studies.

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This program includes:

  • Ten introductory videos  (Approx. 18 minutes each)  
  • Ten Foundations-For-Life workbooks   (80 pages each) 
  • 80 devotionals  (For personal or group discussions)   
  • Inspiring quotes and stats 
  • 40 personal stories 
  • 500+ Go-To Reference Tools include:   
    • 10 Foundation-For-Life outlines 
    • 80 chapter summaries
    • 40 sermon illustrations 
    • 65 supplemental charts and lists 
    • 115 stand-alone teachings    
    • 200 indexed topics    
  • Personalized Diploma in Christian Life Studies 
  • Eligibility to join TBI World Alumni Association   



Vol. 1   Strong-For-Life Choices
Biblical decision-making begins with a Christian worldview.

Vol. 2   Following Jesus
Explore the adventures and characteristics of discipleship.

Vol. 3   Bible Basics
Learn the structure and love story of our Father and His family.

Vol. 4   Who We Are In Christ
The overcoming lifestyle belongs to those who are in Christ.

Vol. 5   Recognizing God’s Voice
Simple ways to increase the volume of God’s voice.

Vol. 6   God’s Great Love
Receive emotional wholeness through God’s rescuing, redeeming love. 

Vol. 7   How To Study Your Bible
Learn the five types of Bible study and how to apply them to your life.

Vol. 8   Strong-For-Life Relationships
Expectations and boundaries for healthy relationships.

Vol. 9    Faith Principles
Examine the laws of faith and how they operate in believers.

Vol. 10  Discovering God’s Will
Easy truths to discover God’s purpose and plan for your life.  





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